Our first wedding season

Oh dear... Summer has well and truly come to an end.

I don’t know about you, but I have been avoiding getting my winter woollies out. I'm in denial that autumn is here and that winter is coming (you can no longer say those three words in a sentence without thinking of Game of Thrones!). But I think it's time to finally accept the fact that I must put my puffer jacket on and not part with it for another 6months or so...

So, besides for hot soups and too much pasta to keep me warm, I can also enjoy looking back on what a great summer it has been here at the flower studio. This was my very first wedding season, and I can honestly say it couldn't have gone better. 

As a late comer, launching my business in November, I had already accepted the fact that there was a possibility I had missed the boat on wedding bookings for the summer. As it turned out, I had the pleasure of being involved in seven different weddings over the season!

All of my brides that I had the privilege of working with were so amazing. With their input we managed to create  seven unique and completely stunning floral designs to match their individual styles. I am so proud of each and every one of them that I would like to share with you some photos from them all. There is nothing more rewarding as a florist than to see your carefully crafted work become a part of one of the most special days of people’s lives.

I would like to thank all the brides and grooms for giving me the opportunity to be involved in your wedding day and for sharing these images. I feel so blessed that I can look back on my first wedding season with such pride and I now look forward to many more seasons to come at Melissa Jane Flower Studio!

I wish you all a life time of love and happiness together.

Melissa Jane xx


   Mark and Gina - December 27th 2014
   Photographer: Clipic Photography
   Venue: Sudbury NZ


      Mark and Bev -10th of January 2015
      Photographer: Fineline Photography
      Wedding Planner: Charlotte Wood
      Rings: Hanne Anderson
      Dress: Aurora Bridal


      Vijay and Jenna -17 of January 2015
      Photographer: Adrian De La Fuente
      Makeup and Hair: Penny Rose
      Dress: Custom made by Rasha Taylor


    Dion and Wendy -13th of February 2015
    Photographer: Fenstar Images
    Cake Maker: Cakes by Esme


        Nick and Ella 21st of February 2015
        Photographer: Benjamin & Elise
        Dress: Sally Eagle Bridal
        Makeup and Hair: Penny Rose


      Jarred and Jess - 14th of March 2015
      Photographer: Billie Brook
      Venue: Lacewood
      Makeup and Hair: Hair there and anywhere 
      Dress: Brides on Thorndon



     Dan and Sophia - 28th of March 2015
     Photographer: Emily Raftery
     Venue: The Dowse  

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