Weddings Gallery

Here is a few weddings from past wedding seasons, thank you to all of my lovely brides who have shared with me their special day. xx

Jana and Tim - Jan 2022
Location: Anam Cara Gardens
Photographer: Jaymee Photography

Ashley and Matt - Feb 2021
Location: Ohariu Valley
Photographer: Ryan McCaughley


Jarna and Aden - Sept 2020
Location: Tarureka Estate
Photographer: Ruby and Wolf

Steph and Luke - Jan 2020
Location: The Milk Station
Cara and Ross - Jan 2020
Location: Foxglove

Ben and Jess- Oct 2019
Location: Sudbury
Photographer: David Le Photography
Melpo and John - Oct 2019
Shakille and Hannah - Sept 2019
Location: Boomrock
Photographer: Golden Light Photo and Film

Rosa and Simon - Sep 2019
Location: The Boatshed
Photographer: Hill Collective


Rob and Tash - March 2019
Location: The Milk Station
Photographer: Bespoke Photography


Deidre and Deon - Feb 2019
Location: Boomrock
Photographer: Alicia Scott 

Craig and Natalie - Feb 2019
Location: Lacewood
Photographer: Black Robin Photography

Monique and Chris - Feb 2019
Location: Sudbury
Hannah and Shane - Jan 2019
Location: Foxglove
Photographer: Patina Photography
Chris and Steph - Dec 2018
Location: The Milkstation
Photographer: Nisha Ravji

Katrina and Joel - Nov 2018
Location: Boomrock
Photographer: Mel Waite Photography
Blair and Laura - Oct 2018
Location - The Roxy
Photographer: Cath Fitzgerald Photography

Karen and Leigh- April 2018
Location: Foxglove
Photographer: Jess Dewsnap Photography


Dhermesh and Sandra - April 2018
Location: Boomrock
Rebecca and Fraser - March 2018
Location: Sudbury


Paige and Charlie - March 2018
Location: Brackenridge, Martinborough


Brooke and Steve- March 2018
Location: Little Branches
Kirsty and Nick -March 2018
Location: Wairarapa

(One of our own) - Mel and JP  - Jan 2018
Location:  Otaki
Photographer: Candy Capco
Makeup & Hair: Penny Rose 

Gemma and Nick - March 2017
Location: Ohariu Farm
Simone and Gavin - March 2017
Location: Brackenridge, Martinborough

Mike and Amie - Feb 2017
Location: Boomrock

Rikki and Vath- Feb 2017
Location: The Boatshed, Wellington
Makeup/ Hair: Penny Rose

Nat and Sam - Jan 2017
Location: The Boathouse, Nelson
Photographer: The Woods Photography 

Mandy and Kane - Dec 2016
Venue: Otaki Milk Station
Photographer: Billie Brook


Sarah and Stew Dec 2016
Venue: Boomrock
Photographer: Jenny Siaosi Photography



Sarah and LJ - Oct 2016
Photographer: Bespoke Photography



Emma and Alex - April 2016
Venue: Tarureka Estate
Photographer: Candy Capco



Rachel and David -April 2016
Venue: The Landing, Wairarapa
Photographer: Candy Capco



Natalie and Craig- March 2016
Venue: Sudbury, Peka Peka
Photographer: Candy Capco



Nicola and Ric - March 2016
Venue: Boomrock
Photographer: Anna Munro



Josh and Amber- Feb 2016
Location: Wellesley College, Eastbourne

Amber and Josh Feb 2016



Mark and Kate- Feb 2016
Location: Boomrock
Photographer: Candy Capco



Amy- Feb 2016
Photographer: Sarah McEvoy



Laura - Feb 2016
Location: Makara Beach

Photographer: Billie Brook



Sophia and Dan - March 2015
Venue: Dowse Museum, Lower Hutt
Photographer: Emily Raftery



Jarred and Jessica- March 2015
Venue: Lacewood
Photographer: Billie Brook



Ella and Nick- Feb 2015
Location: Carterton



Gina and Mark - December 2014
Venue: Sudbury, Peka Peka



Katy and Jonny - April 2013
Location: Taupo
Photographer: Candy Capco



Rebecca and Harvey - March 2013
Venue: Brakenridge, Wairarapa
Photographer: Candy Capco