OCHO Chocolate


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Only the best for you darling! Ocho chocolate is a craft chocolate made in Otago, New Zealand. Made using simple, hands-on processes and with only two ingredients so it is dairy, soy and gluten free and incredibly delicious!! 

Choose from the 40g bar or 95g Block

66%  Cacao PNG - Combining the goodness of pure chocolate with just a tiny hint of extra sweetness. Look for summer fruit and berry flavours with a hint of cinnamon and honey. 

Salted Caramel - Delicious chunks of salted caramel mixed into OCHO's 70% chocolate. This way you get lots of caramel, a yummy crunch, and plenty of dark chocolate. At around one third caramel and two-thirds chocolate it is absolutely delicious and moreish.  

Beekeeper - New Zealand Manuka Honey, Bee Pollen and Puffed Amaranth are added to OCHO's 70% single origin dark chocolate in this bar. The amaranth and bee pollen combine to give a soft crunch to the chocolate and bring a mild toasted flavour, while the manuka honey adds a strong honey flavour for a lingering finish reminiscent of summer in a beech forest. 

Samoa 70% - This bar is made with beans grown by Sang Yum Farm in Samoa using organic farming practices, and is sweetened with Fair Trade Organic cane sugar. This bar is delicately flavoured, with creamy caramel notes, cashew nuts, a hint of vanilla & cinnamon and a light acidic finish to give it structure.