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Melissa Jane Flower Studio had an amazing first Valentine’s Day. We were a complete sell out by 11am on the Saturday morning and we had so much fun along the way!

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about red roses and expensive gifts, it’s about reminding people that they are loved. Whether it’s a friend who needs cheering up, a mum who deserves some attention, a girl you admire or a man you desire – Valentine’s Day may sometimes feel a little over commercialised, but you must remember that it’s not all about spending money – it’s about acknowledging people that you love.

At Melissa Jane, we wanted to spread the love ourselves, so we ran a few competitions this year. The winner of ‘double your flowers’  was so thrilled to hear they had won, they said they never win anything, so it gave us the greatest pleasure knowing it went to someone deserving! Our other competitions were a bit of a laugh, who knew Wellington had so many talented poet’s out there! The real hurdle was running around the CBD on a Friday afternoon trying to beat the traffic and the clock before the lucky recipients went home for the weekend.

And finally, literally using up the last four Roses in the studio, we delivered them to random tables at restaurants and bars around the city as a wee surprise for people taking their loved ones on a romantic night out.

We hope you had a lovely Valentine ’s Day, whether it was out having a romantic dinner, fish n chips on the beach or like my evening - Chinese takeaways curled up on the couch with your favourite, watching 2minutes of a movie before falling asleep (whoops!).

I would like to say a special shout out to the people that helped me have a successful first Valentine’s Day, you know who you are and trust me when I say I couldn’t have done it without you! Your efforts were hugely appreciated!

We can’t wait till next year!


Melissa Jane xx

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